Thursday, May 2, 2019

Final Project Artist Statement

Front of Medallion

Back of Medallion

For my medallion I wanted to include certain elements I saw from our mascot logo which was the Greek key and the Argonaut. I made my own Argonaut helmet from inspirations from research photos. I extruded and cut objects on the medallion. I carefully layered the helmet to show all the details I made. I colored the mohawk to show the separation in the stripes, but I should have left it monochromatic. 
The back is hard to read from all the supports holding the model. I put "Your Name" to indicate where it would go. Around that I put the four main key words we talked about at our client meeting: Ambition, Diversity, Achievement, and Balance. I was worried about sanding the words away, so I put tape around the words and sanded everywhere else. I am not sure whether cutting more or extruding the words would make it better. I just took into consideration of if the words stuck out then it would get caught on clothing more. 
There was no big change from my rough draft. I just added the leaves to the side to fill in empty space. The changes I'd make would be painting it all monochromatic and making sure the words on the back are more legible. I enjoyed the project and being able to work with a client. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Reflection on the Semester

This semester has been very insightful on the process of 3D design. I enjoyed the projects very much. Even if I hated learning these new programs, I eventually got the hang of the software to create 3D models I'm very happy with. As I write this, I am waiting for my final project to start printing, so I won't have too much to talk about that project.

From working on these 3D modeling projects this semester, I feel like I discovered determination in my craftsmanship. For example, I was very determined and precise in my work for project 2. I really had to work with my model in MeshMixer until I got it exactly the way I wanted.

I think I have improved my skill with painting which surprised me. I have never taken a painting class nor painted models, so this was a new step for me. As much as I do like how project 1 turned out, it was a good stepping stone for me to start off with painting and learned from it to make project 2 look better. I think the paint work on project 2 turned out the best.

I also found an overall sense of happiness in making my pieces and the final product. That has been a struggle sometimes for me to be happy with the final products of my work in previous art classes. I've always had something to nitpick, but who doesn't. In this class, I was just really satisfied with how the final products turned out. I will always see something that I can say I can do better, but that is just the learning process. After I solved a problem on how to do certain things in the modeling programs, I would feel so accomplished in learning that ability. I would just enjoy the modeling process overall. I think project 1 was one of my favorites to work on. It was a fun creative process and now will have sentimental value to me (read my artist statement to the dog crown project).

I want to also thank Thomas for his help and encouragement throughout the semester. During critiques, he would boost my confidence in my work process. He would be excited as I was about the dog crown project. He was impressed with my painting in project 2. For the final project I'm working on, he was impressed with how I extruded my model to show off details to my medallion. Not only Thomas, but the whole class was supportive too which made this class enjoyable.

Something that surprised me was enjoying working on the artist presentation. I am not one to like public speaking or doing research projects, but this project was really intriguing. Not only was researching my artist interesting, but also listening to other's presentation about their artist was interesting. There were really cool 3D artists out there that I didn't know about that are doing really cool things for different fields.

It was nice being able to take this class to have a deeper delve into 3D modeling. I have a greater appreciation and understanding of the process. As I turned in my final file, I hope that I will have the same feeling of accomplishment with this project. I find the client type project very interesting process to do, which I had a slight introduction to when I made my final project in Digital Studio. This was a fun class that challenged me to really work for what I want instead of settling for what I get. I am glad to have the opportunity to work in this class with all of these amazing people.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Project 3 Rough Draft Review

Rough Draft Photos

Front View

Back View

On the front of my model, I put "Kugelman Honors Program" and "Class of 2019." Also I put my version of the Argonaut. On the back, I wrote the four key words of the program "Diversity, Ambition, Balance, and Achievement" and "Your Name" for the sake of placement. Along the boarder, I incorporated the Greek key. To finish the model, I added the hook to the top. All printed in FDM, so there is a rough look to it.

I may want to try remaking the helmet, because there were some lines that did not match up the way I thought. I had to connect the lines in Fusion360, and it was slightly restricting. I'm happy how the extruded and cut objects came out, so I wont change that. I'm not sure how I feel about the size of the text came out. Some of that comes with the fact of how it came out in FDM print. So it may look better in the final print. I may make the hook smaller, or change the design of the hook. I may have to ask our client about the kind of hook we will use. 

I really like how it is, but I feel like I can take it further. I just don't know what it needs. I love the helmet on the front, but I feel like the gap between words is an eyesore.  I love how the boarder came out on the back, but feel like the center is lacking something. My goal was to make the front noticeable and strait to the point of what the medallion is for, and the back is more personal but still has design to it. I think I got that point but it needs something still.

I could add ivy leaves to the front to fill that gap. I may mess around with Meshmixer to see what I could do there. Should look to coins if I bring the file in MeshMixer. Overall, I really like my design so far.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Project 2 Artist Statement

My chimera is centaur that has been overgrown by a flower. I wanted to add the rose concept because of the idea of something that is beautiful to look at but harmful to touch. So she had a rose growing around her head to draw attention to her face, but she also has thorns and vines growing on her arms and torso. She is in a resting position in a bush area. I put rubber stoppers under the disk of the model for it to not slide around.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Client Meeting Reflection (Week 10)

The client meeting was very informative. I was lucky that my designs were all medallions which the client was interested in, so I had a head start on getting my imagination flowing. I do not think any of my designs were perfect to what the client wants, but there are some elements in each sketch that he was interested in. I will have to do some redesigns to match towards what the client said he was interested in.

I will keep separated boarders and text to wrap around it. I will need to make designs for the back of the medallion. The one thing I will need to work on is symbols for the model. I had the UWF mascot for one of my designs, but I need to change the look to make it look classier and less cartoonish if I choose to use it. The same thing goes for the nautilus symbol design. I will try to do some research on to try to make my design interesting yet classy. As for colors, I will use the UWF green and blue colors for the most part, but I may play with the idea of medal looks--gold, bronze, nickel. I'll play with both what the client said he was interested in and some things he said he would have to be convinced in.

The challenge would be to make sure relief carvings would be visible enough. As certain medals have intricate designs, I will have to work extra careful in the Fusion program. With the help of Illustrator, I think it will make things easier to transfer designs. I would just have to keep measurements in mind.

Overall, I got a good sense on key components he is looking for and already had some designs with those components. I think this will be a good project for me to challenge myself. Illustrator will make designing easier (hopefully). I look forward to working on this project.